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5 Best Tips For Long-Term Furniture Storage & Preservation

Preparing furniture for long-term storage
  1. Properly clean your items

    Wipe down leathers with a clean, damp cloth and check for any tears that might be in the material. If desired, treat with a leather treatment oil to help preserve the material. Clean all wooden furniture with a mild detergent, being sure to clean out drawers and shelf corners. Vacuum non-leather fabrics and shampoo if they are soiled. Allow all furniture to dry completely before putting into storage.
  2. Invest in protective bags for fabric items

    Pillows, couch cushions, comforters, and quilts should be bagged to help keep them safe. Baggies will help keep softer items from ripping, or possibly becoming damaged from climate issues or even an unfortunate bug issue. Fabric items are generally going to be fine in a climate controlled setting, but if you're especially worried about a piece, take the extra precautions.

  3. Bag hardware items

    For furniture that you've disassembled to save on space, be sure to safely secure screws, bolts, and any specialty tools in a zip top bag. Properly labeling the bags with the furniture they accompany as well as what hardware should be inside, will help greatly when it's time to reassemble.

  4. Avoid using harsh tape or wrapping materials

    Extremely sticky tapes (such as packing tape) shouldn't be used to do things like secure bed posts together or keep dresser drawers in their place.

    These tapes can remove varnishes or protective coatings and may damage the items you're trying to preserve. Instead, opt for ropes wrapped over quilts or other soft materials, or specialty movers plastic.

  5. Leave space

    Store your items with around 1' of space between them so you can easily maneuver around your storage unit. If you store your furniture stacked on top of each other or wedged against itself, you run the risk of damaging pieces. This is especially true for your wooden furniture.

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