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Goodbye, Summer! Packing Up The Garden With Self Storage

Last updated October 6, 2017

While those who utilize self storage may only think of it as an extra storage space for household items, there are endless possibilities for the use of self storage. A great example is for those who are short on outdoor space; self storage can become a surprising place to keep your gardening possessions and seasonal toys.

Gardening Tools & St Albert Self Storage Rental Units

Tools and Equipment

Before moving clippers, shovels, trowels, rakes, or any metal tool into storage, be sure to give them a good cleaning. All mud and dirt should be removed - any stubborn dirt clods or sludge can be removed using a wire brush.

If you have a sunny day ahead of you, let your tools dry in the sun before wiping them down with a light coat of linseed oil - wood as well as metal - to help preserve them.

When it's time to pack them away, consider storing your smaller hand tools, such as trowels, weeders, and knives in the sand - this will help prevent the blades from rusting, as well as staying sharp.

Hoses can also benefit from storage
- disconnect them from spigots and allow to drain and dry thoroughly. Inspect the hose for any punctures or leaks; repair any holes you do find. If either connection end needs replacing, now is the time to do it! You'll thank yourself next spring. Hoses stored best when lightly coiled and laid flat.

Seeds and Soil

If you have soil or mulch that you're saving for next year, you may be better off keeping it outdoors. However, if you're concerned about keeping it safe or covered, or just don't have the space to store it, be sure to pack it in a large air-tight container before storing. The spilled soil is never fun to clean up!

Seeds are an individual matter. Rapid changes in temperature and humidity will quickly kill a seed, so storing them in a highly climate controlled area is vital. If you have access to uninterrupted freezer space, that's your best option for keeping seeds safe until next year's planting.

Furniture and Décor

As with your tools, a good cleaning is first on the list. Remove any dirt, mud, or grass that may be hanging on to your summer furniture and décor. Allow it to dry thoroughly before taking the next steps.

If you have any outdoor cushions, consider laundering them before putting them into storage. Furniture that is damaged or in need of structural attention should be fixed before going into storage to save you hassle next season.

Any glass or ceramic items, such as lamps, bird baths, or vases should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap or foam before being boxed up. Be sure that if you note any mold on your outdoor fabric - especially on hard-to-wash items such as cushions or pillows - that you attend to it immediately!

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