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4 Worry-Free Ways Storage Units Can Make Moving To A New Job Painless

Learn how to choose the right St Albert storage facility

Maybe you're being transferred to a new job, a landlord is selling your rental property, students are coming back home for the summer, or you've sold your business. There's a lot to think about when it comes time to move ... the big one being "what am I going to do with all my stuff?"

You may not immediately think of a storage unit as a "moving service," but it can be a huge help in all kinds of moving scenarios.

A self-storage unit  can be a convenient short-term or long-term solution to one of the most significant challenges of moving.

Need To Move Quickly?

Let's look at four ways a storage unit can help you can move your stuff with less of a hassle.

1/ Storage Units Provide A Great Backup Plan

Do you need to uproot across the country immediately and are unsure for how long? Some moves are quite sudden, and you can leave with a lot of stuff and no place to put it. A storage unit can be a helpful temporary location to store your stuff.

Place For Your Stuff is here to help you!

Place For Your Stuff Self Storage allows you to book pro-rated units. This means you can keep your unit for exactly how long you need it, and not a day longer. This can be extremely helpful if you're not sure about your next living situation.

2/ Storage Units Provide A Plan B in case of Moving Delays

Moving delays are frequent, and a storage unit allows you to make a stress-free move when the time is right. This issue means your stuff won't be stuck in your friend's or family's garage, or on a moving truck if something goes wrong. Drive your moving van right up to your storage unit,Drive your moving van right up to your storage unit,

You also have the luxury to drive your moving van right up to your unit, unload what you need, then organize it later.

3/ Not Sure What To Keep? Make Up Your Mind Up Later

Still not sure if that sofa should come with you to your new home? When you're unsure of which items to keep, a storage unit can be used as a secure place to hold them until you decide their fate. And if you do decide to sell your items, storage units can be a great place to make the sale.

Self-storage units are the perfect public place to meet with interested buyers. Place For Your Stuff Self Storage provides 24-hour security and 34 motion sensors surveillance cameras on our property. If you encounter during our office hours, there will be our facility manager on-site as well.

What am I going to do with this stuff

4/ You Don't Have To Move As Much Stuff

Why bother moving all of your new seasonal stuff to the new home, just so your new house can also be over-cluttered? Instead, you can just keep your seasonal things in a storage unit. Leave your Christmas decorations, winter gear, or golf clubs in a storage unit during the months you don't need them. That way your new home won't be as cluttered as your old place!

Store your items away safely and comfortably access them when the right season comes around.

Place For Your Stuff has self storage units of all sizes available at our Sturgeon County location. It is easy to get to for all area residents in St. Albert, Edmonton, Morinville, and all surrounding communities.