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Look For Security And Lighting In Self Storage

There are many characteristics to consider when selecting a self storage unit. You have to look at size, location, environment and hours. More importantly, your storage company needs to have adequate lighting and security surveillance throughout its facility.

Security Surveillance

Our motion sensor video is second to none.

Motion sensor video surveillance adds to the safety and secure of your belongings but also for your well-being.

Unfortunately, some storage units experience the occasional break-ins. By having video monitoring, it allows authorities to analyze the situation in order to search for the thieves responsible for your lost items. In addition, a unit that has several surveillance videos is less likely to be targeted than one without cameras.


Security and lighting is extremely important throughout our storage facility in Sturgeon County, Alberta

As with security cameras, sufficient lighting is extremely important throughout your storage facility. Lighting increases several areas of safety. If the unit does not have lighting on the outside, the security cameras may not be as useful. If you cannot see the ones stealing items, it is harder to find them.

Top Led lighting is installed in the storage unit!

In addition, lighting is important for times you visit your storage unit in the evening hours.

Lighting can prevent you from tripping or other injuries. Furthermore, lighting assists in seeing your surroundings. No matter the scenario, it is beneficial to see who may be in the same area as you.

Our facility is very bright in the evening!

There are many storage units in St. Albert/Edmonton to choose from.

In order to find the right one, filter by the services you want. Having a higher form of security needs to be top priority. This includes security cameras and adequate lighting.

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