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The Complete Beginner's Guide To Reorganizing Your Closet

Looking in your closet should not be a task you dread. It should be easy to find an outfit, shoes, scarves or anything else that you store.

 Re-Organizing your closet for storage unit
  1. Start Fresh

     You cannot re-organize without having an inventory of what you have. The first thing you need to do is remove everything from your closet. This may take a while and seem overwhelming, but it is imperative to start fresh. Once you have completed this, go through all your items and create piles of keep, donate and trash. Furthermore, categorize the pieces that remain. This will instantly make the task seem more manageable.
  2. Don't Waste Space

     Make use of the space in your closet. Install shelves, hooks or towel bars. Hooks are a great way to store ties and purses. Towel bars make an excellent storage option for jewelry and scarves.
  3. Placement of Items

       Placement of items is crucial to make things convenient to reach. Place the items that are in season and regularly used at eye-level. Store clothing that is out of season in boxes under your bed or at the top shelves. For small items, use storage bins or baskets. Do not forget to label all boxes and containers. If you are unable to reach your top shelves, have a step stool reachable.
  4. Invest in High-quality Hangers

       Get rid of all hangers that are not plastic, metal or wood. Having racks that are not durable can cause clothing to fall or damage in some circumstances.
  5. Combine Like Items

      Organize your clothing into categories to make finding your outfit easier. Some category examples are dress clothes, t-shirts, casual and special occasions.

By using the above self storage tips, you can quickly make your mornings more manageable. You will no longer have to close your eyes while opening your closet door. To learn more about other storage ideas, keep checking back to