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9 Tips To Pack The Perfect Storage Unit

Once you have all of your belongings packed and ready to store, it is important to pack your unit thoughtfully. You want your unit to accommodate all of your items comfortably and safely.

9 Tips To Pack The Perfect Storage Unit
  • It is essential to have a plan and think when organizing your unit. If you have items you will regularly need, make sure you pack them towards the front. This organizational tip will avoid having to remove unnecessary items from your unit.
  • Consider adding shelving to your unit. Adding shelving allows you to use the additional wall space in your unit. This tip also avoids stacking too many boxes on top of each other.
  • Create a walkway down the center of the unit. This tip allows you to find your belongings efficiently. If you have a larger unit consider many walkways.
  • Store couches on the ends.
  • Fill the outer walls first.  This storage tip avoids wasting space and keeps the storing process running smoothly.
  • Make sure all boxes are closed and taped securely. Avoid overfilling boxes, which could cause tripping.
  • Use mattress covers, furniture covers or bed sheets to prevent dust and dirt.
  •  Confirm that all of your boxes are labeled on multiple sides. Also, mark boxes that contain fragile contents.
  •  This storage tip includes dressers, couches, and beds. The more upright area you use, the better.

The above tips will make your storage unit in St. Albert easily accessible and functional. It is essential to take the time to pack your unit to avoid headaches when searching for your belongings.