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Top 5 Questions To Ask Edmonton Self Storage Company

When storing your valuables, it is essential to find an  Edmonton self storage company that meets your needs. You want your items to be safe and undamaged. Numerous self storage companies want your business.

Storage FAQ
  1. What security measures are in place?

    Security is a crucial aspect of a storage facility. You want to know your property is safe, and that you are safe while visiting the service. Things to look for include, 24/7 video monitoring, gated access, alarms, and lighting.
  2. What sizes and types of units are offered?

    Having a variety of unit sizes available is essential. If you only have a small number of items to store, you do not want to pay for a large unit. Speak to the onsite manager to figure out which unit size best fits your needs.
  3. Are there any restrictions on access to the unit?

    It is important to know if the unit can be accessed 24/7 or only during certain hours. Your schedule dictates what is best for you.
  4. Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?

    Some storage companies require a contract and will charge cancellation fees. Avoid this by knowing all details before signing for your unit.
  5. Who do I contact after office hours?

    It is important to have a form of contact in case you have a problem outside of business hours.

The above questions will assist you in locating the right Edmonton self storage company for your needs. It is important to do your research before selecting your storage unit.