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  1. The best storage containers are plastic boxes with air-tight lids.
  2. Fridges should be cleaned, dried, and stored with the door slightly open.
  3. The inside of appliances that use water should be wiped with baking soda to remove any traces of water.
  4. Use mattress bags or furniture covers for anything with fabric.
  5. Coat wooden furniture with polish to repel dust and dirt before storing.
  6. Lubricate your metal items with oil before storing to prevent them from rusting.
  7. Before storing garden-tools wash them thoroughly.
  8. Pack plates vertically, like records. They’ll be less likely to break.
  9. Wrap mirrors and pictures in bubble wrap and stack them on their ends.
  10. Prevent internal shifting and breaking by crumpling newspaper to fill boxes.
  11. Use similar sized boxes since they’re easier to stack.  


  1. To absorb the moisture from the air, place some charcoal in a saucepan.
  2. Put items on wooden pallets and leave small spaces between the walls and your stuff to allow ventilation.
  3. Use shelving units to maximize space when storing small or awkward-sized items.
  4. Utilize all free space, fill every nook and cranny.
  5. Vacuum seal clothing or bedding before placing it in the unit.
  6. Disassemble beds and tables and store sofas upright.
  7. Don’t pack items into sealed plastic bags, as humidity can cause mildew.
  8. Beer boxes are the best for books and comics because they have handles on the sides.
  9. Save space by storing furniture and mattresses vertically.
  10. Separate lamp bases and lampshades and wrap them for protection.
  11. Remember to make an aisle to reach items at the back of the unit.
  12. Label every box with the essential items that can be found within.
  13. Place furniture sliders under the bulky items as you unload them to make it easier to move if needed.
  14. Take an inventory of everything you load into your storage unit.
  15. Make a map that indicates the location of each object and leave it right beside the door.
  16. Boxes with fragile items should be placed in the unit last.
  17. Place mattresses flat to ensure all the padding doesn’t move to one side.
  18. 11 things you can’t store in a storage unit:
    • Firearms & Ammunition
    • Explosives
    • Drugs (Narcotics & Medications)
    • Hazardous Material
    • Flammable & Stolen Items
    • Things That Attract Pest
    • Animals (Dead or Alive)
    • People (Dead or Alive)

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