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The Benefits of Using Self Storage for Business

Why Do Businesses Use Self-Storage Units?

Time is money; the same goes for extra storage space. In today's modern world, with all our advanced, super slim technology and tall skyscrapers, it's hard to understand why many businesses turn to self storage facilities. The truth of the matter is no matter how tall a building is or how little space your TV takes, growing companies are in constant need of more inventory space.

How to choose a best storage facility in St. Albert!

In today's marketplace, finding larger office space in downtown Edmonton, at a cost that won't break the bank, is a challenging feat.

And if you're only looking for extra file storage, the best you'll find is expensive, chain-linked fenced off the square, in the corner of a basement in some sketchy parkade.

Our question to you is, why pay a premium for extra storage space instead of renting from a budget-friendly self storage facility?

At Place For Your Stuff (PFYS), we want to educate people on how extra storage space can be a cost-effective tool to help your business run efficiently by providing overflow storage without paying an arm and a leg.

Our mission is to expand the idea that self storage can be beneficial to residential use and provide multiple benefits for business use.

Budget-Friendly Alternative

There are many costs associated with operating a business, and it is vital to spend each dollar wisely. While downsizing to a smaller location may reduce your expenses and offer short-term benefits, it may also be harmful to the business's growth in the long run. Instead of being forced to choose between losing inventory space and relocating to a larger, more expensive area, renting at a self storage facility is a great comprise of any storage problem.

The self storage rates for our 8' x 5' units are $79/month and much more affordable than renting extra commercial space. Not only can you save money, but your employees and customers will also enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free work area.

Self Storage Functionality

Operating a business is not an easy task. Business owners must foresee problems before they happen and take the right precautions to prevent them. However, sometimes it doesn't matter how ready you are; disaster always seems to win.

For example, imagine you are a business owner in Edmonton expecting a bulk order for inventory products to arrive during the week. To ensure your daily business activities go uninterrupted, you have contacted the shipper and arranged the delivery to come during off-hours. Unexpectedly, your shipment is delivered at noon during peak business hours, catching you completely off guard and unprepared.

Your workplace is now full of inventory stacked high and wide with overflow stock, causing a hazardous work environment for you, your employees and customers. You currently have a more significant issue at hand.

You now have a more significant issue at hand.

  •  If a sturdy box falls and injures anyone in the workplace, you are liable.
  • If the product is damaged from falling, this will cost the business.

When you rent a unit at Place For Your Stuff storage facility located in Sturgeon County, your storage nightmare becomes nothing more than a restless sleep.

By storing excess inventory or filing boxes into a storage rental, you organize your work area to become more productive and display your pride and professionalism in your business.

Flexible Storage Unit Rental

PFYS offers an excellent temporary storage solution for businesses undergoing renovations or relocation. Allow your projects to be completed stress-free, knowing your inventory is safe and securely put away in a storage unit.

To give you extra flexibility, we offer month by month rental units with no contracts and secure online account management.

For businesses of all sizes, in any industry, self storage is an affordable, functional, and flexible tool to help your business succeed. PFYS offers a variety of unit sizes at our Sturgeon County location to suit your personal storage needs.

We proudly service all residents and business owners of St. Albert, Edmonton, Morinville, and surrounding communities.

Talk to one of our storage team members to see how we can help you gain more space at your business location!

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